I think its time that I actually started posting some content here.

I am currently working on AI and animation programming for the upcoming assymetric coop spy thriller Clandestine. Check out the new gameplay trailer that just we released today.


Advanced Triangulation in Unity

The purpose of these script are for generating triangles for advanced 2D polygons. If you are just attempting to triangulating individual concave or convex polygons I recommend using this instead Triangulator, but if you need to triangulate something more advanced like polygons with holes or multiple polygons at once you probably need to use the following.

A PSLG containing multiple polygons and a hole.
The triangulated result.

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New Blog

This blog used to be hosted on my Raspberry Pi which I recently bricked, so the site has been offline for some months. But I finally got it up again, now running using jekyll and github pages which are both awesome!

The old posts are gone for now, but I expect posting a lot of new stuff in the near future. Particularly a bunch of useful geometry processing scripts for Unity that I have been developing with my thesis plus the thesis itself, which is about a new system for generating and simulating destructible object in Unity.